Andrew Gorton Photography: Blog en-us (C) Andrew Gorton Photography (Andrew Gorton Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:09:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:09:00 GMT More pictures from Drayton Manor Park A photo of fireworks taken at Drayton Manor Park's Star Wars themed Fireworks and Laser Spectacular 2016Drayton Manor Park's Star Wars fireworks and laser spectacular 2016Drayton Manor Park's Star Wars fireworks and laser spectacular.
30th October 2016.
Show by Fantastic Fireworks.
More pictures from the Drayton Manor Theme Park fireworks and laser show. It was set to a Star Wars sound track and there were stormtroopers, bounty hunters and even Darth Vader wandering around during the day. The crowd were very appreciative of the display, and it was definitely worth watching.

Click the thumbnail to be taken to the gallery, or you can watch the video on my Vimeo channel.


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Drayton Park Star Wars fireworks Drayton Park Star Wars Fireworks ShowDrayton Park Star Wars Fireworks ShowPink Shells breaking over a gold fountain, with lasers scanning across the lake.

Pink Shells breaking over a gold fountain, with lasers scanning across the lake.

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Cakes over a lake FireworksFireworks

Sometimes all you need is some fireworks and a lake

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All the photos from Littlehampton Photo of fireworks taken during a Heaven's Above funeral send-off show in Littlehampton 2016Heavens Above, LittlehamptonOn the 24th September 2016, Heavens Above arranged a memorial fireworks display to celebrate the life of a local Littlehampton businessman.

Guests dined at the East Beach Cafe, and their dinner was followed by a short fireworks display on the sea front.
I finished editing the photos from the Littlehampton fireworks display - see them all in the gallery here.

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Fireworks in West Sussex Heaven's AboveHeaven's Above

Fireworks in West Sussex, a memorial to a local businessman.

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Church Interior Church InteriorChurch InteriorInterior of St Mary Magdalen's Church. I went exploring - this is St Mary Magdalen Church in Essex.

The roof beams and pews work well against the white walls, windows and the red carpet, but it needed bracketed photos for a HDR merge to make pop.

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Late Summer Tidy Up Sunrise over fields and radar domesSunrise over fields and radar domes I've had a late summer tidy up.

I've closed my Flickr account, and replaced my Wordpress website. It'll take some time for these to filter through the search engines, but it'll eventually get there.

This site will be my main showcase, and I've decided to keep Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. I know I'm late to the game, but I've joined Instagram too.

I'm hoping reducing my admin workload will free up time for more work!

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